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Sensors for industrial doors
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Sensors for sliding doors
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Sensors for swing doors

SDS3MI - Dual technology sensor for sliding doors with direction identification and pedestrian safety with "Door Learn" technology

Dual technology sliding door sensor with microwave motion detection and infrared detection of static presence (safety function).

Degree of protection IP54.

One-way sensing technology and "Door Learn" functionality.

The "Door Learn" technology guarantees maximum pedestrian safety.

Wide sensing distances allow for timely opening of doors when approaching trolleys or fast-moving people.

The 3-zone infrared safety barrier protects pedestrians in the door closing area.

One-way sensing technology reduces building energy consumption by up to 20%.

Safety system monitored and compliant with EN 16005.

SDS3MI rilevamento

  • Power supply: 12 – 24 Vac/dc;
  • Detection technology: microwave + active infrared
  • Detection method: microwave motion detection and safety infrared
  • Installation height: from 2 m up to 3 m max.
  • Degree of protection IP54
  • Operating temperature: - 20 °C / + 60 °C;
  • Size: 265 x 60 x 43 mm;
  • Weight: 254 g


Registered office:
Via Michelangelo,152/b
Desenzano del Garda (Bs) Italy

Operating Office:
via Monico, 9
Lonato del Garda (Bs) Italy