COV19FTRWIFI - Addictional Wi-Fi people-counter tower (optional), self-configuring with COV19SMaster tower

Additional tower for counting access to stores or other small, large and even very large businesses (optional).

COV19FTRWiFi device is an additional people-counter for COV19SMaster tower.

COV19FTRWiFi people-counters are already configured by DOMOTIME for a specific COV19SMaster tower.

Attendance is detected by an automatic system that counts people and recognizes whether they enter or leave the venue.

Once the maximum number of people is reached, the traffic light on COV19SMaster tower becomes red and turns green only if one of the people-counters connected to it detects that a person has left the room. Installation is elementary, the product is supplied fully programmed and to operate just connect the 1.5 m power cable (included).

The opposite column-post, with the reflective surface, has no electrical connections, on the base there is a line that must point perpendicularly to the center of the two people-detectors.

The detectors are both adjustable laterally and vertically. They must be centered on the reflective surface of the opposite column-post.

They have a red laser beam that allows to see where they are pointing and helping to align them. Inside, at the top left, they have a red LED that lights up in the correct alignment position.

A maximum of 250 additional Wi-Fi people-counters (COV19FTRWiFi) can be installed, which allow to increase the inputs and outputs that can be monitored.

Download the instructions of the COV19 LineThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Discover also the COV19SMTX manual counting system


Tower for access control and management in shops or other small businesses: small, large and even very large.

The kit contains everything needed to control and self-counting and real-time crowding in a room or shop of any size.

Through the use of a traffic light, the customer will be informed if he is allowed to access to the room or if the number of people inside is already at the maximum.

  • Installation is not needed, simply connect it to the power supply via a convenient plug already supplied with the tower (1.5 m cable included).
  • It counts, manages and reports independently the amount of people present in the shop or how many can have the access.
  • Easy configuration of the maximum limit via smartphone or tablet.
  • The maximum number of people can be chosen according to the rules of the shop itself. COV19SMaster can manage an indefinite limit of people.
  • The tower is equipped with an acoustic signal that is emitted when the limit set by the shop is exceeded.
  • A tower can be used as an entrance only or as an entrance and exit as it independently detects the direction from which the person comes.
  • The detection range is from 60 cm to 10 meters.
  • The overall height of the turret is 1.80 m.
  • Each tower can manage up to 250 accesses (exits or entrances).
  • Any type of people counter (even already existing ones) can be connected to the outputs.
  • Possibility to have a red traffic light blocking exit, such as the turnstile block when the tower detects that the maximum number of people allowed has been reached in the room.


Registered office:
Via Michelangelo,152/b
Desenzano del Garda (Bs) Italy

Operating Office:
via Monico, 9
Lonato del Garda (Bs) Italy