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COV19SMaster - Stand-alone and Wi-Fi counting and control tower with touchless dispenser for antibacterical gel


Tower for access control and management in shops or other small, large and even very large businesses.

The COV19SMaster tower is equipped with a touchless dispenser for antibacterical gel with automatic dosage and east to refill.

This Kit contains everything needed for stand-alone and real-time checking and counting of crowding in a venue or shop of any size.

Through the use of a traffic light, the customer will be informed if he is allowed access to the room or if the number of people inside is already at the maximum.

There is no need for any installation, the product is supplied fully programmed to work and with a 1.5 m power cable.

Once the tower is connected to the power supply via the supplied cable, just center the photocells and the system will be ready for use.

The tower counts how many people entered and left the room independently and consequently establishes how many people can still enter.

The limit of people who are allowed access to the room is defined by the user through a very simple web page accessible by connecting from your tablet or smartphone to the network created by the tower.

The maximum number of people can, therefore, be chosen according to the rules established by the venue itself and the COV19SMaster can detect an indefinite limit of people entering or leaving.

The tower is also equipped with an acoustic signal that is emitted when the set people limit is exceeded. One tower can be used as an entrance only or as an entrance and exit as it independently detects the direction from which the person comes.

The detection range is from 60 cm to 10 meters and the total height of the tower is of 1.80 m.

Each tower can manage up to 250 detection devices, one for each entrance or exit from the room. Any type of people-counter can be connected to the outputs, even existing ones.

Ability to have a blocking output red light, as for ex. the turnstile’s block when the tower detects that the room has reached the maximum number of people.

Download the COV19 Line instructionsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Discover the COV19SMTX manual counting system


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