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HL.ACKP433 - Keypad and card reader 433 MHz

The DOMOTIME HL.ACKP433 keypad and card reader/tag is an access control device, it has a simple design, easy operations and high reliability.

The internal circuit is resinated which gives it a total resistance to water (IP 66).

The device allows the opening or closing of a relay by detecting a card / tag or by entering a PIN code.

The keypad is a 433 MHz transmitter, therefore it must communicate with a receiver to open / close an output, it can do so via the 433 MHz radio frequency only.

It allows you to manage 500 cards/tags (125 KHz) and PIN codes.

  •  Operating voltage: 3 units of AAA batteries
  • Number of PIN/card/tag users: 500
  • PIN Length: 4-8 digits
  • Card Type: 125 KHz EM Card
  • Idle current: ≤10 uA
  • Working current: ≤50 mA
  • Communication Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Communication Distance: 20 m max
  • Protection grade: IP66
  • Operating temperature: -40°C + 60°C
  • Operating humidity: 0 % RH – 86 % RH
  • Dimensions and weight: 148 x 56 x 22,5 - 285 g
  • Casing: Zinc alloy
  • Finishing: matt steel
  • Anti-vandalism casing
  • Backlighted keypad
  • Block enrolment
  • Optional buzzer
  • Anti-tampering system

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Registered office:
Via Michelangelo,152/b
Desenzano del Garda (Bs) Italy

Operating Office:
via Monico, 9
Lonato del Garda (Bs) Italy