Domotime da molti anni è leader nella fornitura di prodotti per l’automazione e la sicurezza.

Domotime is from many years leader in the industry of automatic gates and security.

RF keypad + Multi-frequency receiver kit

Description Domotime Quality Description DOMOTIME’s ACKPPLMF RF keypad is an access control device that can be operated via pin code. Its simple design, its ease of use and installation, combined with its great reliability make it a perfect keypad for any use. It can manage up to 100 different users . The ACKPPLMF keypad is comparable to a simple remote control and can operate from the 433 MHz to 868 MHz frequency. The keypad also has the function of duplicating the signal of other fixed and rolling code remote controls. It can be associated with up to 4 different devices, each one can have a different brand, code or frequency. It can be installed anywhere without any connecting cables. Battery powered (2 1.5 V batteries) with an average duration of 2 years, for faster and less invasive installation. The SUN.RX433 receiver has a dual channel and antenna included. It is capable of learning most of the 433 MHz transmitters of different brands at the same time. Domotime Quality

Domotime Quality

Domotime Quality is the Domotime brand that certifies the reliability of a product, which has been carefully tested and created. This is why we insert the DQ symbol, which certifies a number of returns of less than 1 / 10,000 pieces. DOMOTIME was founded in 2005 by people specialized in the gate automation sector. Today it is a leader in the supply of racks of any type and size for automatic gates. For some years now it has also offered in its catalog other products of the sector, paying particular attention to their quality. For our customers we select electronic devices, control units, flashing lights and much more, in order to offer a complete service in the world of gate automation and in the security of domestic and industrial access. Ours is a close-knit work team on which our partners can count, and is able to support technical choices and offer the customer the best solution based on specific needs. Domotime Quality appears on the vast majority of products in the catalog, however each product that Domotime offers is thoroughly tested and studied to ensure maximum reliability.