Domotime da molti anni è leader nella fornitura di prodotti per l’automazione e la sicurezza.

Domotime is from many years leader in the industry of automatic gates and security.

Sensori per porte industriali

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  • rilevamento presenze con radar per portesensori rilevamento veicoli
    Aluminum traffic lights and aluminum vehicle signaling.


    Sensor for industrial doors, used to detect vehicles and persons and command opening.
    Sensing: mono or bi-directional
    Detects the direction of travel of the vehicle
    Maximum installation height (H): 6M
    Degree of protection: IP66
    Operating temperature: -20 °C ÷ + 50 °C
    Operation: planar microwave
    Power supply: 12 – 24 V ac/dc.

  • IDRBMO e1620727518648IDRBMO
    Aluminum traffic lights and aluminum vehicle signaling.


    Sensor for indextrous doors, serves to detect vehicles and / or people  and control the opening.
    The sensor detects the direction of the vehicle and recognizes difference between people or vehicles.
    Maximum installation height (H): 7M
    Protection: IP67
    Operating temperature: -30 ° C ÷ + 60 ° C
    Detection technology: Microwave
    Power supply: 12-36 VDC / 12-28 VAC

  • TXKT
    Industrial door sensors


    Remote control for IDKTMI sensor programming.
    Very comfortable accessory as it allows to set the various distance functions.
    A remote control can be used for programming multiple sensors of the IDKTMI model.
    The remote control is optional as the sensor can be programmed directly.
    Technology: infrared
    Power supply: 2 1.5V AAA batteries (inclusive)