Domotime da molti anni è leader nella fornitura di prodotti per l’automazione e la sicurezza.

Domotime is from many years leader in the industry of automatic gates and security.

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  • LED lens traffic lights for indicating the status of a door or gate
    Aluminum traffic lights and vehicle signalling


    ALUMINUM traffic light with 2 LIGHTS
    Lens diameter: 120mm
    Illumination: boards with 25 high brightness LEDs each
    Degree of protection: IP65
    Operating temperature: -20 ° C + 60 ° C
    Power supply: 12-24 Vac / Vdc.

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    Wi-Fi turret with signal traffic light.
    n manages the influx of people in a store. </ b>
    nation of a sanitizing gel dispenser,
    The number of people can be accessed in the store;It has adding the incoming person and decreasing outgoing, when it comes to the preset number the traffic light becomes red and if a person enters a warning sound.For a second output you can use the COV19FTRWIFI accessory that you self configure communicating the inflows.

  • FSHALPHA lampeggianteFSHALPHA lampeggiante
    Flashing Lights


    Universal flashing