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  • DC2SEM3L
    Traffic lights and accessories


    Time Control Unit, or inputs, commanded by auxiliary car detectors, for the management of:
    – a unique alternate sense with 2 traffic lights with 2 or 3 lights.
    – a simple intersection with 4 traffic lights with 2 or 3 lights, connected in parallel 2 to 2 opposites

    Nestion 18 Vac / Vdc traffic lights: SML2L24V or SML3L24V models
    Unmarriage at 230 Vac: SML2L230V or SML3L230V models
    Power supply: 24Vac / DC

  • Sensore a microonde per rilevamento veicoli RDMO1024Sensore a microonde per rilevamento veicoli RDMO1024
    Door opening sensors and accessories


    Sensor for industrial doors, used to detect vehicles and persons and command opening.
    Sensing: mono or bi-directional
    Detects the direction of travel of the vehicle
    Maximum installation height (H): 6M
    Degree of protection: IP66
    Operating temperature: -20 °C ÷ + 50 °C
    Operation: planar microwave
    Power supply: 12 – 24 V ac/dc.

  • Rilevatore a spira magnetica monocanale LD112
    Traffic lights and accessories


    Loop Detector Vehicle Detector

  • Spira magnetica da 6 metri LDC06
    Traffic lights and accessories


    Spira preassembled for Loop Detector
    Nummer: with magnetic field
    Perimeter of operation: 6m
    Output cable: 15m
    Match with any Loop Detector, in our catalog are: LD112, LD212, LD102, LD202, LD100, LD200