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  • Sistema ARES Trasmettitore RF ARES.MYTX
    Control electronics for gates


    Device for programming radio controls for ARES receivers.
    It allows you to bind a receiver and the remote controls of a single installer: Installer code “.
    Another remote control, whatever it is and not even another ARES.868 will not be learned by the receiver, except with the same “Installer code”.
    It also allows you to program the removable memory of the ARES.R4RC receiver, also closing it when learning other remote controls that have not been coded using the same “Installer code

  • Sistema Rolling Code Personalizzato ARES
    Control electronics for gates


    Software for the management of systems compatible with the ARES System
    It allows the management of the systems, as well as the programming of the removable memory of ARES.R4RC.
    Thanks to ARES.MYTX, ARES.868 radio controls can be modified with a customized installer code